• The Ice Solution for PNW Marinas

    Whether fishing or just relaxing, every outing on the water needs clean ice. Ice Guys provides your customers with 24x7 year-round access to the highest quality ice and water available. Our ice is made with the freshest, highest quality filtered water available sourced locally from the PNW.

  • Never run out of ice

    Ever run out of ice in the peak season? With Ice Guys 24x7 ice vending solution your marina will never run out of ice.


    Ice Guys machines make ice continuously to ensure that there is always a fresh bag ready to dispense. Ice Guys machines offer the convenience of bulk and bagged ice, perfect for any occasion. Whether your customers need a large quantity of ice for a fishing trip or just a few bags for a half-day on the water, we've got them covered.

  • The Ice Guys difference

    We feature the highest-quality water filtration system available in a flexible vending format that offers bagged or bulk ice delivery.

    Bagged and bulk ice available in a single machine

    Flexible vending format gives customers the choice of bagged ice or bulk delivery directly into their own cooler.

    Everpure 5-stage ultra filtration system

    Ice Guys ice machines use a Five Stage Filtration System from Everpure, one of the most recognized brands among food service operators. This is the same system that was developed for McDonald’s(TM) to ensure their soda and coffee taste consistently great all over the world, no matter the water chemistry.

    The purest potable water

    When you have the purest, most delicious filtered water available, why use it just for ice? Ice Guys' machines also offer fresh, clean water for liveaboard residents or customers looking to top up their supply of potable water onboard or at the office.

  • Simple to Use

    Get instant ice or water in 4 simple steps


    Swipe Credit Card

    Credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

    No cash accepted.


    Use a Bag or Cooler

    Either grab a plastic bag and place it around the ice chute OR poisition your cooler under the ice chute.


    Press Ice Button

    Press the white button to the right of the chute labeled "PRESS FOR FRESH ICE".

    Get as many bags as you like. Each press dispenses 10 lbs.


    Dispense More Ice or End Transaction

    Need more than 10lbs? Press ICE button again. All done? Simply press the green button to end the transaction.

  • Have a question?

    The Ice Guys water and ice experts are ready to help you.

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